Brazil: how to support victims of the flood in Rio Grande do Sul from abroad

Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil) is experiencing the worst flood in its history. With heavy rains hitting the state since last week, floods and landslides have been recorded in most parts of the state, affecting over 800 thousand people in 341 out of 497 municipalities, representing 68.6% of the cities. Seventy-eight people have lost their lives, and over 100 are missing.

Territorially, compared to Europe, the destruction covers an area equivalent to more than half of Italy, which has 301.2 thousand square kilometers, while Rio Grande do Sul has a territorial extension of 281.7 thousand square kilometers. Like municipalities in the interior of the state, the capital, Porto Alegre, is also flooded in several areas, with water reaching the roofs of houses, including the central region, where the City Hall and the Public Market are located, for example.

In Europe, the Porto City Hall in Portugal expressed solidarity with the state through social media and launched a campaign to support the city of Porto Alegre to encourage donations. Pope Francis also spoke about the situation in Rio Grande do Sul during Sunday mass (5) in the Vatican.

Agora Europa has compiled a list of institutions, organizations, and entities with international accounts for those who want to help from abroad:

The Largest Solidarity Campaign in RS

The campaign was created by Instituto Vakinha, Pretinho Básico, and Badin Colono and is being supported by companies and influencers from all over Brazil. Donations can be made in dollars, euros and British pounds.

Cufa (Central Única das Favelas)

The non-governmental organization (NGO) Cufa, together with the National Anti-Racism Federation, has support fronts in different regions of Rio Grande do Sul in cities such as Porto Alegre, Caxias do Sul, Bento Gonçalves, Vale do Taquari, among others. The entity has partnerships with ifood and the airline Gol, in addition to receiving support from numerous artists such as Anitta and Mano Brown. Donations can be made via PayPal at [email protected].
Instagram: @cufars

HUMUS – Brazil

The non-profit association operates in communities in areas at risk of disasters related to extreme natural events. The NGO has moved to assist Rio Grande do Sul in response to the request of volunteer firefighters due to the urgency for rescues, mainly of people stranded due to the rise in water levels. The association accepts donations through credit card and PayPal.

Instagram: @humus_br

Animal Disaster Response Group

The group of volunteers is involved in rescuing animals and families during the flood in Rio Grande do Sul. The action takes place in different cities in Rio Grande do Sul, mainly in the Metropolitan Region of Porto Alegre. Donations are possible via credit card and PayPal.

Instagram: @grad_brasil

Luz Alliance Fund

Brazilian model and international activist Gisele Bündchen announced the reopening of donations to the Emergency Fund Luz Alliance in partnership with the Brazil Foundation with funds allocated to those affected in Rio Grande do Sul. Donations can be made in Brazilian real or US dollars.

Instagram: @brazilfound

Solidarity Kitchen (MTST)

The Solidarity Kitchen of the Homeless Workers’ Movement (MTST) located in the Azenha neighborhood in Porto Alegre is preparing meals to distribute to the population affected by the floods. The association’s goal is to deliver 2,400 meals daily. Donations can be made through the platform, as well as PayPal for donations abroad.

Instagram: @cozinhassolidariasmtst

Government of the State of Rio Grande do Sul

The Government of Rio Grande do Sul has released three bank accounts for donations in euros, dollars, or British pounds:

Euro Zone
Standard Chartered Bank
Bank Frankfurt 
Account: 007358304 

Dollar Zone 
Standard Chartered Bank New York 
Swift: SCBLUS33 
Account: 3544032986001 

British Pounds
Standard Chartered Bank – London, UK
Account: 01251596201

You need to provide:

IBAN Code: BR5392702067001000645423206C1 
Name: Associação dos Bancos no Estado do Rio Grande do Sul 
CNPJ: 92.958.800/0001-38

Porto Alegre City Hall

Select Brazil as the destination country

IBAN: BR48 0036 0305 0282 2000 0713 361C 1
CNPJ 929635600000160